Melodies from around the World

Recital will include music from China, Italy, Russia, Argentina, and America. It will be hosted by the Confucius Institute at UCA.
Reception to follow.

Marisan Corsino Finalist of the Lois Alba Aria Competiton 2017

Ms. Alba, our Judges and the Soma International Foundation board members and staff have been truly pleased and impressed to hear such a large volume of talented artists today and you are all to be commended and congratulated for your hard work and studies that have brought you to...

Marisan Corsino first place winner of the AFAF Russian Music Competiton

Mezzo soprano Marisan Corsino, winner of the Russian Seasons Competition, demonstrated skills in both art song and opera. In what sounded to us like excellent Russian, she sang "The Soldier's Wife" by Rachmaninoff, a tale filled with grief. Ms. Corsino is a self-contained artist and used the colors of her...